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Fire Roasted and Peeled Diced Green Chiles:
We are proud of our Fire Roasted and Peeled Chiles for the incredible flavor that they provide as compared to steam peeled products on the market. Recommended for use in salsas, burritos, entrees and Tex-Mex recipes to name a few.
Pack size:
  • 6/#10 cans (Product Code #201)
Fire Roasted and Peeled Whole Green Chiles:
Our Fire Roasted and Peeled Whole Chiles are large and uniform in size. The enhanced flavor of the true fire roasting makes these chiles ideal to use for chile rellenos, on sandwiches and in all savory recipes.
Pack size:
  • 6/#10 cans (Product Code #202) 
Ground Red Anaheim (Product Code #248):
An excellent product where a bright red color, as well as moderate heat is required. This ingredient is great in sauces, ethnic foods, entrees and Tex-Mex dishes.  By Contract Only.

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