Chef Juerg Aeschbach

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Cheddar And Chipotle Filling:

33.42% Rice, Cooked
15.05% Cheddar Cheese, Sharpe, Shredded
15.05% Black Beans, Canned, Include Juice
9.64% Chiles, Green, Roasted and Peeled, Diced, Ful-Flav-R
7.53% Sour Cream
7.53% Red Bell Peppers, Roasted, Diced, Ful-Flav-R
4.82% Cream Cheese
3.76% Mozzarella Cheese, Shredded
1.51% Chipotle Chile Blend, Ful-Flav-R
1.02% Salt, Granulated
0.33% National, Ultra-Sperse M
0.33% Chipotle Chile Peppers, Diced